Guided tours

Tours aimed to approach the MCM as a whole and some particular collections.

General tours

Discover the Museum

You can see how a museum works, beyond its exhibition rooms.

MCM's General tour

General tour at the MCM with several activities, related to the most important collections: archaeology, ceramics from Manresa and Baroque sculpture.

Visits to the Center of Interpretation of “Carrer del Balç”

A trail through this street of Manresa which has preserved all medieval atmosphere flavor. Using the resources of the most updated technology we will know the medieval city in the context of Catalonia in the period of King Peter the Great.

Theme Visits

How did Roman live?

Experience daily life in a villa from the Bages region; discover how they elaborated wine, oil and their cosmetics. Admire their amphora, ceramics and house tools. Learn about their constructive elements, the Gods they venerate, their altar and personal items.

The Catalan ceramics of the 14th century

Learn the main technical and decorative characteristics of the ceramics in green and manganese in its historical context.

The baroque art, its altarpieces and the Catalan society of the 17th and 18th century.

What is an altarpiece? See their structure, iconography and their polychrome process.

Prehistory and megaliths

What is a megalith? Learn what were they used for and how they were built.

Paintings, colours and landscapes

Admire and comment modern and contemporary art pieces, while listening to an introduction about painting techniques, their different themes, their styles, forms, materials and colours.

Any of these visits can be adapted to the group educational needs. Normal length of the visit is 1 hour.


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