Tours at Manresa

Departing from the MCM, the tours will lead you to several parts of Manresa, while following buildings of the chosen epoch. So, you will learn about its patrimony and the town's formation.

Medieval Manresa: a city of church and artisans

Have a walk through the medieval neighbourhood. Discover how walled towns were typically designed and visit the Seu of Manresa, one of the best examples of the Catalan Gothic art.

There is an option on this route which includes the “Carrer del Balç”.

The Baroque splendour of Manresa

Discover the main Baroque buildings of the town and the importance that the Baroque Sculpture School of Manresa achieved. Departing from the MCM, where you can find an excellent Baroque collection, you will visit the eminent buildings of the city: the Saint Ignatius Cave, the city hall, the court, and baroque houses...

A Modernism explosion

Seeing the pieces of work of the most relevant architects of Manresa, you will acknowledge the city contribution to the Catalan Modernism. The tour also follows the urban growth of Manresa after the city walls demolition.

Any of these tours can be adapted to the group educational needs. Tour's duration is normally 2 hours.


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